How does it work?

             Answer: A storyteller takes control of making entries on the blog for a week (Monday-Saturday), during which he/she talks about the things happening in his/her life. Towards the middle of the week (Wednesday), the current storyteller emails the site admin with the email address and a few details of the person he/she thinks should be the next writer. They will be then contacted with the login details and other requirements for making entries on the blog.

Can I still continue to make changes after a week?

            Answer: No. Not until it is a big change. Please contact the site admin at this point. After the end of a week, previous writers can continue to interact with other writers and readers only through the comments section.

What if I want to hide my identity/remain anonymous?

            Answer:You would more or less get the same anonymity that any  regular WordPress blog gives you. You can decide if you want to use your real name or a pseudonym. Please contact the site admin for specific questions/issues.

Will comments be enabled on the blog?

            Answer: The current storyteller has complete control over interaction with readers during his assigned week of writing. Once the next writer starts posting all entries from the weeks before will be opened up for comments and discussion.

Who will be the first writer on the blog?

            Answer: The first writer for the blog will be picked through an impartial vote on our Facebook Fan page.

How are these stories interlinked?

            Answer: One of the aims of the blog is to reflect the connections between people and the links between the stories on the blog are these relationships. The beauty of decentralizing the choice of the next writer will take the story to interesting and unexpected directions.

How can I be involved?

Answer:    A lot of people have been asking me how they can be involved. So, I thought I would make this entry. At the outset, the aim is to have the current writer nominate the next one. The reason for this is, that it would bring a lot of new writers on board and also to let the blog evolve on its own and take its own shape.

But realistically speaking, there could be times when someone is unable to find the next writer for a whole lot of reasons. So, if you are keen on getting involved, drop me a message through the Contact Us section. I will get in touch with you when there is an opportunity to write on the blog.

Also remember, if you are an active member on the blog there is a good chance that the current writer could pick you as the next one. I would really like to have every one of you contributing and writing on the  blog, but until then do continue to follow the posts on the blog, comment and get involved in the conversations. Please feel free to suggest improvements on the blog and new ideas if any.