About Us

“Vie hebdomadaires” started as a concept from an early morning dream about writing a weekly log book and sending it via post to a friend who writes for another week and then in turn sends it to another one of his friends’ to continue the chain. This idea has been growing in increasing measures with an exciting opportunity to come across amazing stories of the lives of people from across the planet.

The concept of having a physical book has now evolved into the emergence of this wordpress blog and a Facebook page for interacting with all of you who are our future writers and readers and all of you who are our muse. Please feel free to look around, read the stories, take part in our polls and enjoy the stories that we have for you on our blog.

If you’d like to be part of this story, and be a writer for a week, please get in touch using the “Contact Us” page.


There is a new section on the blog called The story wherein interested bloggers can become story tellers and continue the story that runs in the section. Pop over there for more information.


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