New Order

…………All that one needs are snow-covered roads, with a rusty old car and an endless supply of Sunday mornings.

There are many wonderful things that can happen when you wake up on an early, hazy chilly morning. It could be the beginning of a change that you always wanted, a moment of clarity, turmoil sometimes or even an unconscious resolution of misery. Can you imagine how that would feel ? or maybe there is a memory for each of these situations.


It is often the case that prolonged streaks of ‘where is my mind’ 

scenarios end with a sudden inspiration that reconnects one with forgotten parts of our soul and pushes one to hold on to the peripheral extremities of our characters and claw back into your own skin, our own senses and habits derailed through some untoward circumstances.

Sometimes, simple scenarios of needs and wants take a back seat when faced with a worry of losing a reference point in our own self that confuses the conscious mind , derelict and devoid of a sense of direction in its own being. Often, it reflects itself as an I’m not sick but I am not healthy feeling.

Clawing back into character and finding a compass to help you on the road is tough. It is the biggest ordeal once you are lost and it is the single most important thing that you will ever need to get back on your feet and your own personality.

It will be the new order

A change is not always a device of the old, or routine

A change doesn’t necessarily have an option

Fighting it, losing to it is a battle royale

Christening it, fearing it and thinking about

is incessant, imperative and non optional

The New Order will always emerge

like a Felix Phoenix through ashes

a blossom through the bud

Clarity isn’t optional

A state of fear is sometimes a catalyst

of this New Order

the new creation

and the new substance of sustenance

as an emergent population, that fears, follows, leads, respects,

creates, kills, ruins and raises

new shapes, new sizes, needs, greeds,

Rants and praises .

Here it is, this

Emergent New Order