The fifty-second writer on the blog is…

The fifty-second writer on the blog is Varun. Co-incidence?? No!

Other than running this blog, talking to writers and getting them to write here , I am studying for a Doctoral degree  at the University of Exeter, where I work to model decision-making in bacterial cells using mathematics.  When I am not doing this, I interact with a group of writers based in Exeter (UK) called the resident writers. We explore innovative techniques to stimulate writing through different exercises. With original roots in India and having been in the UK for 4 years to the day, I believe I have a different view of this country and its quirks. Ideas and concepts that interest me are people and living spaces, especially the intermingling of the negative hues in one’s personality with the positives, giving us all a shade of grey, some light and some dark.

 I will be writing on the blog this week, on its fifty-second and therefore the final week of the year-long project on this blog. I hope to share some aspects involving the conception of this blog, stories involving writers on the blog, favourite posts and hopefully plans for the future. With all this, in mind I think it is time to thank every single one of the fifty-one writers who wrote on the blog, and so many more friends who supported the blog through writer recommendations, comments and ideas.

I shall end this post with an attempt at writing in Haiku: A Japanese poetic form

An ailing old man

Walks through space and time, endless

free, wise and content