Many thanks and good night!

This has been a great week.  It has been lovely coming on here and spilling what ever was running through my head to the readers of Vie Hebdomadaires.  Prior to my first post, I was worried about what I would write about.  Would I be witty and intellectual, would I try to be funny, would I talk about hot button issues that surround my world?  Instead I took the approach of right before I went to bed, putting my fingers to keys and seeing what came out, trying not to over think it too much.  But I suppose that’s what I gathered the spirit of the blog to be . . a day-in-the-life.  To gather different perspectives and different people and see what crops up.

I feel like I could have done more pictures, but while I love having pictures in my own collection, I don’t do a lot of posting them, particularly in blogs.  No good reason, probably just lazy really.

I love writing, it was an escape for me as a kid, mostly stories, novels I’d play over and over again in my head.  The dream was to be a published writer, a bestseller.  Notebooks abound and floppy disks, somewhere in my parents house I’m sure, of stories that are half completed, just sitting there.  Most of them were love stories, ala the cheesy romance novels I used to to devour.  I don’t write stories anymore, maybe because my reality has just about become as good as what I could have created.

It’s been a challenge to write something new each night, that I’d hoped would be interesting enough to read and many thanks for the readers to indulging me for a week.  I love the idea of blogging and have been known to start a blog and then abandon shortly after starting it.  I think I’m still finding my voice.

Thanks again to Varun for allowing me to have a go, as I rather self-nominated myself after a public facebook request.  I have very much enjoyed being a part of this!

Good night!