The fiftieth writer on the blog is…

The fiftieth writer on the blog is Margaret Kisner.

                 …..I am an American expat living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I live with my partner, Jonathan and our three cats.   I spend my working hours at a call centre for a major bank, with crafts, baking, and volunteering as hobbies. I’m fascinated in the recent history in Northern Ireland and now that I’m living here, separating the news stories from the  day-to-day reality.  Finally, I have a passion for special needs and rescue animals.

Margaret will write on the blog from 27th of August to the 2nd of September. I have to thank Rob for his posts this week. I was intrigued by his posts and his line of thought and really appreciate that he made several youtube videos in the process of writing new material on the blog. Thank you Rob.

We have only 3 weeks to go to the end of this project. I hope that more readers engage with the bloggers in the coming weeks and give everyone involved the boost and high that comes as we get to the end.