10 Fun Things to Do with Your 3-Legged Cat

Firstly, I just want to thank Varun for letting me have a go at the blog for a week.  Hopefully I can do it justice!

So it was briefly mentioned in my bio there that I have 3 cats and that I have a thing for special needs animals.  All three cats are rescues, one is missing a leg (and will be the subject of today’s entry) and another is diabetic.  The third, is just a normal cat that needed a home.  It’s probably fair to call me a crazy cat lady, but I like think of it more as giving deserving critters a good home.  We, as humans, can be rather unfair to our animal friends.  We choose to take them on a companions and then when they’re past their prime, no longer convenient or when something newer and better comes along, all too often pets are tossed aside.  And that’s not even jumping on the related soapbox of people who are downright cruel to animals.  So, as all this make me rather sad, I decided that I wanted to give a home to the rescue cats that have a harder time getting placed.  My diabetic kitty, Morky, for example, waited nearly 2 years for his forever home.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and I’m pretty sure they appreciate it too.

You could consider a 3 legged cat an entry-level into caring for special needs pets (diabetes, on the other hand, is more advanced).  Cats and animals generally have a way of just getting on with things, and not letting little things, like a missing leg, to get in their way.  To be fair, they have 3 others to rely on, where as we only have one, and are therefore disadvantaged.  If you too, are interested in taking on a lopsided companion, I have compiled a handy list to get you started:

1) Give Your New Cat a Name

This would seem an obvious first step for any person taking on a new animal.  However, in the case of my three-legged cat, I found the temptation to come up with a clever (if kinda mean) name.  Tripod, for example, was a fairly strong contender.  But I wanted to be a bit more creative then that.  I decided on Hobble, though a quick google search will pull up loads of of options.  The beauty of cats is that they don’t really care what you call them, so really have fun here.

2) Take her for a walk

Now, after the whole picking a rather cheeky name, it would seem to take a 3 legged cat on a walk as just taking the piss.  But I disagree. . . Hobble loves her some walks.  Observe:    She’s just a champ about it!  I’m not comfortable letting her be a full outdoor cat (she’s already lost one leg, don’t want her to lose another! ) so this suits us.  *Disclaimer*  Results may vary, some cats just don’t do leashes.

3)  Prepare Witty Responses to Questions

On one of my walks with Hobble, I was asked what happened to her leg.  As I honestly don’t know (that’s just how she came), that’s how I responded, which probably sounded a bit weird.  When relaying the story to my dad, he had a much better response, which was a feign panic and say “OMG!  Is it missing?”  Along the same line, a “She’s always losing track of that one, probably under the couch somewhere” could also be fun.  Again, the world is your oyster with this one!

4)  Get Professional Photos Done

For the cat who has everything (except a 4th leg), some time with a professional photographer can not only result in excellent family photos, but give your cat a chance to feel like a super model.

Hob’s model moment, she really could have tried harder.

5)  Help Them Scratch the Itchy Place

Sometimes, you just gotta help a friend out, like when they’ve got an itch they just can’t scratch (in Hobble’s case, this can be noted by the stump working away and a throughly dissatisfied look on her face, not unlike the one above).  This can be done by just getting in there for her.

6)  Watch Star Trek 

Kitties can be Trekies too.

7)  Take Instagram Pictures of Your Cat

Because Instagram should not just be about rich kids on holiday and weird looking food.

Seriously, where was that face when we were paying for it?!

8)  Write a Blog About Your 3-Legged Cat

Because the world is dying to know!

(No, really, the internet loves cats, everyone knows that!)

9)  Give Her Catnip and Then Document the ‘High’

10)  Love Your 3 Legged Cat

The last and best thing I would recommend is to just love your kitty, same as you would any other.

Hobble is by far the most affectionate cat I have met.  Doesn’t matter if she’s never met you before, she’s right in there, giving you all sorts of love.  We love to say “She’ll melt your heart”, because she will.  The pictures and videos don’t do her justice, but she is lovely beyond measure and that has everything to do with her personality and nothing to do with her lack of a leg.

But it just proves the point, had she been up in an adoption centre (she came to me as a stray and thus avoided going to a rescue), she would have really struggled to get placed with a family, because of her physical appearance.   Lucky for me though, she’s my kitty, and I love her to bits.