Libertatem Numerus

FN 726221

Today I have been issued with my Freedom Number.

After 54 years I am free.

I now have complete freedom of the Library of information and complete freedom to roam

in the library grounds.

I am at liberty to read the books that they didn’t want me to read.

This new gained freedom doesn’t stop at the library doors; oh no.

I can watch the films they didn’t want me to watch,

now I can make my own films about things they previously didn’t want me to make films about.

I can sing about; anything…anything…can you believe it?

I am now actively encouraged to talk of subjects to anyone who might listen,

that yesterday, would have been dangerous to even whisper under the covers of my bed.

In fact, my new found freedom is omnipotent.

To say that this is going to change my life Is naturally an understatement.

For the whole of my life, or at least since I was able to understand my position in this “situation”,

I have struggled to find a voice, to find a voice that really had some “penetrating power”.

My freedom number is here. And it is here to stay.

I will wear it proudly.

Because it is a proud moment, not just for me,

but for us all.

I want to share FN 726221

I want you to think that this number is yours too.

Take advantage of it

Take advantage of me

Use me.

Channel your wishes and desires through me

Become free through me.

See my freedom as your freedom.

Ask me questions…anything,

I can find the answers for you.

If anything bothers you, tell me.

If anyone bothers you, tell me.

Tell me everything.

I am your ears and your mouth.

I want to know what your thinking.

Now that I have my Freedom Number

I have the ability to find any cure to any ill.

See me as a friend

A new friend.

A friend you can confide in.

Trust me

I am free.

Now you are free too.

I am FN 726221

You are FN 726221

WE ARE ALL FN 726221

Robert Garnham

22nd August 2012 Woodbridge Suffolk