The forty-eighth writer on the blog is…

The forty-eighth writer on the blog is the free spirit, Clarissa Vincent.

I’ve known Clarissa for several years, through hundreds of email  communications, and have not only learned to love her as a sister but admire her courage and energy.  Google her name and she pops up everywhere.  You’ll discover her blog and music (she plays sax and guitar, on her own and with a group) via her YouTube presence.  You’ll find her on Twitter and other social sites, and somewhere along the line you’ll learn of her ability to repair or improvise just about anything.

Best of all, she has allowed us to vicariously experience her sailing adventures through her book, “The Voyage of Storm Petrel”.  She followed her dream of sailing alone out of Bristol, UK to several destination points, found a best friend (Loba), and boldly extended her voyage to include Gambia, Africa; the story of her return trip is currently in-progress.  And if that weren’t enough activity to make most of us gape in awe, she has acquired a motorcycle and is now legally licensed to pilot it to new adventures.

Clarissa is an amazing person of diverse talent, a true inspiration to fulfill our dreams, live our lives and enjoy them to the fullest, just as we should.
      – Gayle Reynolds

Clarissa will post on this blog from 13th to 19th of August. You can read some of her previous blogging experiences here.

A big thanks to Gayle for a wonderful blogging week. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every post.