Depart With Art

My last day has arrived and nothing of much interest has happened to write about.  So, rather than force something to come through my fingers in black and white, I’m going to leave you with some color; art is a big part of my day.

I have not asked permission to show the commissioned work, so you will not see humans portrayed in this selection.  I have no particular style; I paint what’s requested or whatever comes to mind, using mediums that feel right for the moment.  As with everything I am self-taught, learning new things every day, loving what I do and doing what I love (I refuse to grow up).  I hope at least one of these pieces will bring a smile to your day.


Heather’s Rabbit–pastel

On The Rocks–oil

Tuppence–graphite & a touch of colored pencil


Night Song–mixed medium

Old Jelly Cabinet–acrylic



Old Drama Queen–watercolor

The star position at the top of this entry was reserved for Radar, a pastel, honoring a friend’s cat.  Radar was injured in a mysterious accident that caused permanent damage to his bladder and severed his tail from his spine. He wasn’t expected to live, but a fantastic vet and loads of love kept him alive.  This newly created Faux Manx, with the oversized ears that gave him his name, will hopefully have eight more very long lives.

Thank you for choosing me to succeed you, Felix.  And thank you, Varun, for allowing me to be part of this fascinating experiment, it was far more fun that I ever expected it to be.