The forty-sixth writer on the blog


The forty-sixth writer on the blog is Felix Grant

  ……I first ran into Felix Grant in the days of dial-up bulletin boards: the text-only ‘amateur Internet‘ conducted over slow telephone connections before graphics, broadband, and everything else we now take as standard. It was a slight mystery what Felix did; he alluded to work varied in theme and far-ranging geographically. But I now know that he’s a freelance research consultant – a kind of roving statistician – as well as being involved in college teaching, teacher training, and science writing (in which we’ve collaborated over the years). However, people aren’t defined just by their salaried work. Felix is also a professional-level photographer and, as you can see from his weblog The Growlery (named in allusion to Dickens’s Bleak House), he has wide interests in art, literature, science, and social issues. He’s been a continuing and valued presence in my life for around twenty years, and though we seldom meet in person – he lives in another part of the British Isles – he has imperceptibly become my oldest and closest friend.

                   – Ray Girvan

Felix will make posts on the blog from 30th of July to the 5th of August. I can’t thank Ray enough for making those wonderful posts and bringing Felix on board for continuing the blog further. It has been a tough ride some times when it comes to finding writers to continue the thread and every so often nominated successors are busy, making it difficult to keep on top of things. I have to thank all the writers in the last few weeks for going the extra mile and helping in keeping the thread going!