The forty-fifth writer on the blog is..

The forty-fifth writer on the blog is Ray Girvan.

……….SOS from Varun – “Does anyone know anyone who can contribute to the Blog next week?” I have a think and decide I don’t, but perhaps Ray does? He knows several, but for various reasons, they aren’t available at present, but the perfect solution – he can do it himself. I have to come clean at this point and admit that Ray is my husband, but maybe we can avoid accusations of nepotism, as he’s an experienced journalist with a few thoughts in his head, and has his own eclectic blog.
After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in material sciences, Ray began life as a research technician in ceramics, then moved to Birmingham, where we met at a writers’ group. He soon discovered the joys of the computer and when we moved to Exeter, he began designing websites and now runs the website for Topsham, where we live.
He is currently writing a biography of Maxwell Gray, a little-known author from his homeland, the Isle of Wight. We go there often to visit his family, so I expect it will feature at some point in his incumbency. He is also conducting a consuming affair with the B-system chromatic button accordion, a monstrous beast from Ukraine, which he plays regularly at Topjam and the local folk club.
                                 – Clare Girvan
Ray will write on the blog from 23rd to 29th of July. I would like to thank Clare for nominating Ray and in turn, helping the blog to its forty-fifth week of writing. I must admit, without help from a lot of the writers and friends (some from resident writers), this blog would not have come this far.
A big thank you to all of you and the readers for continuing to enjoy the posts on the blog.