A Smile In The Rain


It’s may last post… and truth is, I haven’t had time to share half the things I wanted to. I’ve shared some of my thoughts and my art and I’ve briefly summarized bits of my novels. But I haven’t shared any of them yet. Do forgive me. It’s hard when it’s your first time blogging. I haven’t exposed myself this openly before, and I’m sure you agree with me, it takes certain amount of bravery to publicize your inner self. Even if it is in your manuscripts, it is still a part of you.

Writing is very personal.

Even if what you write is intended to be read by everyone, you still treat it as your baby. Your characters become a part of you, your plot becomes your past and present. Like an actor, you live and breathe every single word you write.

However, I won’t say goodbye without sharing something. Here’s a poem I wrote in 2009. I was just getting a divorce, and was feeling very lonely. Being a hopeless romantic, my heart was set on finding Prince Charming. Little did I know, I’d be married to him two years later.

Here’s A Smile In The Rain:

Somehow you came around,
Changed my life, made no sound.
Secretly you walked right in…
Changing the past,
Asking how I’ve been.It’s strange, I know, I’ve been in denial…
Living my life like an angry child.
But sorrow is sorrow,
We deal on our own.Now you’ve come around,
and I’m not so alone.
Granted, I needed you,
My star, my own sun…
I thank you for coming, for being
The One.

But where there is solitude,
there is abundance in rain.
And where there’s
A smile,
There’s abundance in pain.

I will keep blogging as Christinalena, so please stay with me. I will do my best as a writer, to do what writers do:
Share my writing.
Peace, love & friendship,

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