Art & Mykonos

There is something about the light in Mykonos… it’s a beautiful Greek island located right in the center of the Cycladic islands. I won’t go into detail in describing it, because it will probably bore you. My post today is not about the island itself, but the way I feel about it.

When my mother bought land there in 2004, I was mesmerized by the place. The land was rugged, and because the air is very moist, and extremely windy, sometimes there is a kind of haze, which somehow filters the strong rays of the sun without being cloudy, or blocking the brightness.

I spent every single summer there sunning myself on the beach, and writing. That’s where I got inspired to write the story for August Moon.

It’s also the place I got married… I wouldn’t have it any other way. The place is sentimental to me, and absolutely magical.

Take a look at these photos, and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m apologizing for not spending time with you today. I have three kids… I think you understand!

I’ll share my art with you though, and hope you enjoy it:

Love, peace & kindness,