Welcoming The Sun

Have you ever visualized an entire block of writing only to have your mind go completely blank when those thoughts need to start filling up your screen?

Well, this is what’s happening to me now. Yes, I have a million things to say, plenty of thoughts to share. Yet… you will have to spare me an extra moment.

I will treat you as my friend, the best friend I never had.

It’s pretty scary… being honest to complete strangers. Opening your heart to someone you probably will never shake hands with. But that’s me; the risk taker, the traveler, the artist, the writer. How many labels can a person attach to oneself? Does anyone really know what they’re really capable of?

In the course of three years I’ve written two books, painted 56 pictures, got divorced, fell head over heals in love, got married again, had a beautiful eight-pound baby boy and moved to new country leaving everything I knew far away and discarded a past full of chaos.

So bear with me.

I haven’t written anything in two years. And I certainly have not blogged before, or written anything intentionally aimed at being scrutinized by the public. Like anyone else, I am insecure when it comes to sharing something I consider personal or special.

Hence my neglected manuscripts.

I am the daughter of a Greek diplomat, and I grew up attending an array of different American schools scattered all over the globe. I certainly did not lead a boring life. I could talk to you about my past, and my childhood, and the way I demonstrated my artistic talent by drawing all over my bedroom walls…

But I won’t.

I will cover a new subject every day of the week– a new thought, a different subject, a new idea. Exploring the core of your experiences and finding little clues in your words that make you see things in a new light.

When I started writing my first manuscript, August Moon, way back in the spring of 2009, I had just started e-mailing with a young man I hadn’t seen since 1998 when I was fresh out of college. He had been writing a book then, which had greatly intrigued me. I always had a thing for genius/creative types. And believe me, he was one.

I was new to the world of writing, but found I had a small talent for it. Three months later, 80,000 word August Moon was born. And I owe it all to the man who is now my husband, and I love dearly.

Back in 2009, he had given me a tiny bit of advice which was to me as precious as rain is, here in Arizona.

Write without thought,” he had said.

And I was on a roll.

And insanely in love.

To be continued tomorrow– same time, same place.

Peace, love & kindness,