The forty-fourth writer on the blog is…

The forty-fourth writer on the blog is the very creative Christina Arsenis.

I believe in the beauty of simplicity, and love to create images that are calming to the soul. I’ve been painting since I was a young girl and illustrated my first published childrens book at the age of nine. I’ve studied psychology and history of art, and I’m also the author of two novels: August Moon and Parachute Love, to be published within the coming year.

As the daughter of a diplomat, I’ve traveled most of my life and have had the opportunity to live in many different countries across North and South America and Europe. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, three sons and two dogs.

Christina will make posts on the blog from 9th till the 15th of July.  A big thank you to Oriana, one of the founders of Resident writers, a writer’s group based out of Exeter Devon. Over the last 5 weeks, the resident writers have been interning on the blog, making wonderful posts and continuing the story into its 6th week.   Thank you Oriana for your wonderful posts this week and thank you to all the Resident writers who loved the concept of this blog and took part.