Small things

I’ll be honest, there is a part of me that (probably rightfully) is scared of blogging.

Yes, yes… I have three irrational fears, listed below:

1. Fear of Banks. I can’t really explain it, I am one of the most financially responsible 26 year old women I know. I have a very healthy savings account, a pension, a retirement fund, I invest in the stock market and I am ridiculously talented when it comes to keeping track of my money and not spending what I don’t have. I have zero debt, my credit score is great and I hold accounts in different currencies all over the world. Still… Ask me to walk into a bank and I will not be able to do it without tightly holding onto my inhaler and possibly having a pep talk by one of my parents first… There is just something about knowing that someone else is in control of my money and my life. Call me crazy but that’s the way I am.

2. Fear that certain nail polishes will make my hands look like I am a transvestite… Well I did say they were irrational fears.

3. Fear of sharing my everyday thoughts and having the whole wide world find out that I am in fact a very boring person.

But when you think of it, I suppose everyone is a little bit boring. That’s right Charlie Sheen I’m looking at you, you can be kind of boring since you can’t be #winning all the time. I guess that in the end it is the small things that make life interesting and set us apart from everyone else, letting our hair down and acting a little crazy every now and then. Why not?

We all have jobs that we work so hard for, and which sooner or later end up becoming just a little bit more of the same in their own unique way. We all have a select group of a few friends we frequent over and over again, and we might make new memories but the schematics are mostly the same. We all have places that we go to because we have to, or places we go to because we want to, but really how many times in an average week can we say we have been somewhere new?

I suppose that what I a trying to say is that no matter how eclectic we are, we all end up stuck in a routine in one way or another.

So today I decided to break that pattern, in order to celebrate a particularly exciting personal achievement which I decided to keep low profile until I was able to have a perfect day like today.

I woke up and I went for a run with my sister. She is younger than me and of course runs faster, she could have killed me with the asthma attack that followed our workout, but still, we made it. Then we ran home and baked more cupcakes than we will be able to eat between this week and next. We went to the movies, saw a cartoon in 3D (just like with Thatcher I cried at multiple occasions) in the evening, we came back home and got ready for a truly spectacular dinner: black tie lobster burger- no shoes allowed.

We set a beautiful table, made lots of dips, bought two broiled lobsters, drank some beautiful wine, got really dressed up and had a blast. And you know what? I can remember the last time I was this happy alone: last week, adding the finishing touches to a big chunk of writing I am working on…. But surround by others?… Honestly, I can’t remember when I felt this content and satisfied with my life, because at the end of the day it ain’t about the lobster, it’s about taking your shoes off and feeling right at home, in your own skin surrounded by the ones you love.