The forty-third writer on the blog is…

The forty-third writer on the blog is Oriana Ascanio.

         Venezuelan born Oriana came to the UK in 2004 to study Arts Management and Contemporary Writing at Dartington College of Art in Dartington. There Oriana focused on pushing herself creatively and her passion for writing outside of the page, with performances with the Post Neo Absurdist Collective. It was during one such performance that Oriana suffered for her art, having her head submerged in a bucket of ink while reciting poetry, a venture which nearly drowned her. However, her passion for poetry and performing has never dampened. When she was not performing, Oriana spent a year looking at silence and traced the use of the letter ‘H’ around the globe.

Settling in Exeter, Oriana has set herself the challenge of raising the profile of the arts and creative writing in the South West, although knowing Oriana, we can only assume she has her sights set on promoting the arts for the whole of the UK. She has made a solid start as a founder Resident Writers, a writers group with a twist who meet fortnightly in the Bike Shed Theatre. Here, Oriana encourages fellow writers to think outside of their comfort zone, to push their abilities and achieve a level of writing they didn’t expect. Her work and dedication to the arts has been recognised with an invitation to become a member of the Royal Society for Encouragement of the Arts.

She has had an interesting working career, working for a magazine in Italy and a curator in New York and Paris to name a few. Well travelled, Oriana speaks four languages and is working on number five. To relax, Oriana makes her own cheese and knits scarves. However, writing and creativity is her passion and she is currently working on her first novel. I hope you enjoy her writing and imagination because you never know where Oriana’s adventures will take you.

– Geraldine Clark Hellery

Oriana will be making posts on the blog from 2nd July to the 8th of July.  A big thank you to Clare for her posts last week. Her post about neighbours reminded me a lot about living at home in Bangalore, India.