RatatouilleMonday 25th June

Cook’s corner to start my week with. Updated a recipe for ratatouille. Nothing special? That’s all you know, folks. I got the original from the lovely film of the same name and tried out a version that didn’t quite have the right things in it, because I hadn’t got them, but was nevertheless delicious. So today I tried again. I sacrificed authenticity by using a packet of frozen Mediterranean veg and adding a spoonful of Patak’s brinjal pickle, which we put in everything, to the tomato coulis (keen cooks experiment!), but I did put in the fresh basil I missed out previously. Served with Aldi’s lemon and coriander cous cous and diced feta, the result was indescribably wondrous. See photo. How many people take photographs of their dinner? And see my website www.claregirvan.co.uk for both versions.