The Fourtyfirst Writer on the Blog is

The forty-first writer on the blog is Rebekah Horton

Rebekah is an up and coming young play write from Devon who has a passion for creating characters and twisting plots. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder she uses dialogues and monologues to reveal what she has to say about the world around her. When she is not busy changing the world one word at a time at Resident Writers you can usually finding volunteering for a great cause or another, as far as Rebekah is concerned she enjoys trying out new opportunities and is always happy to give the Residents’ writing experiments a shot.

Her favourite thing about writing is having the freedom to let the characters lead their own stories, which shows not only in her script work but also her love of acting and theater.

Personally I am very excited to see what her screenplay antiques will bring to Vie Hebdomadaires and I certainly cannot wait to see where she will take Batman and Catwoman.

Happy reading!

                        – Oriana Ascanio