The thirty-eighth writer on the blog is…

The thirty-eighth writer on the blog is Brian aka B M Roper. A little bit about him.

B M Roper is a Southampton born Philosophy and English Literature Major who graduated from Exeter University in 2011. He recently returned to England after traveling in India where he was chased by a small monkey fulfilling a life long dream of being acquainted with simians. He enjoys walking and taking photographs on his journeys as well as playing ping pong (apparently badly). He joined Resident Writers earlier this year which has given him an opportunity to rekindle with an old passion. He will absolutely disagree with the next statement, but I believe he has a lot to say about the world around him. I hope you
are looking forward to getting to know him as much as I am. Happy reading!

         – Oriana

Brian will make posts on the blog from 28th May to June 3rd. A big thank you to Geri for her wonderful posts and a great continuation to the story here. Keep reading the blog for some very interesting writers.

I received this email from Bethan Johnson at Mistaken Presence and I would like to share this with all of you reading the blog..

   …….I am contacting you firstly as an avid reader…but secondly on behalf of Mistaken Presence; on behalf of Mistaken Presence; a 12 month commissioning project housed within England’s oldest Friary. Our aim is to bring new contemporary art to Lincolnshire; a rural community who’s engament until recently has been limited to touring works or exhibitions which focus upon traditional art forms. Our forthcoming programme already includes exciting new commissions by Marcia Farquar, Emma Smith and Simon Fujiwara.

The gallery space is in the heart of Lincoln; a city currently isolated in regards to a greater artistic community. We strongly believe in the programme and, like yourselves, that our audience should not be restricted by place or time.

I am not contacting you to promote the space but  to create greater conversion/ discussion for those who are unable to physical visit.

I think it is an interesting concept and I invite you all to visit them on their website and if you live closely, you should definitely pay them a visit and share your experiences with all of us.