The thirty-seventh writer on the blog is..

The thirty seventh writer on the blog is Geraldine Clark Hellery.

Geraldine Clark Hellery is a British author and blogger currently based in Devon. She has written seven science-fiction novels which are not to be missed! She is also a regular contributor to the Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse as well as cofounder of Resident Writers, a literary organisation based in the South West of England. Her writing style is both innovative and out of the ordinary, her passion and commitment to the literary arts is a source of inspiration for the writers she collaborates with. Her work is a breath of fresh air to sci-fi aficionados an a great introduction to those new to the genre. I hope you enjoy her out of the box views and opinions about all things writing as much as I do.

              – Oriana (from Resident Writers )

Geri will write on the blog from the 21st till the 27th of May. Catch more about her previous, current and other writing interests here.

1. website 2.Girl’s guide to surviving the Apocalypse 3.Resident writers

Uli, thank you very much for sharing a bit about Scotland, your travels and your car Bob. Best wishes for your travels in the future.

Keep an eye on the writers writing on the blog from this week. There is a surprise element to all of them. Let’s see if you find out 🙂