A dream coming true

When I started writing this blog on Monday I said that coming here was both, fulfilling a lifelong dream and risking to feel disappointed in the end. But today is the day when I realised it will not be a disappointment at all. It can’t be after what I have seen and felt today.

I have this habit of working on rainy days and travelling whenever the sun comes out. Today was one of this rare days – quite a warm day actually, what a surprise!  The sun was shining and I was up really early to go on a trip to the western Highlands following the Wester Ross Coastal Trek. When travelling before I felt like I couldn’t get quite as close to the mountains as I wanted to. They always seemed too far away which was frustrating and annoying. But today I managed to get right into the Highlands as close to the mountains as possible without hiking or hill walking. It’s a shame I can’t go hiking by myself but I will join the local mountaineering club soon so I will get to see some more of the Highlands. But for today following the narrow roads through a remote but stunning countryside was enough. Every turn just held another beautiful view and each time I could let my eyes drift from the street the scenery got even more beautiful than the last time. The day’s highlight was driving on the 2.000 ft. pass to Applecross. I don’t think I have ever seen a place of equal beauty.

All in all I have been travelling for about 9 hours today driving more than 300 Kilometres (about 180 Miles I think) and I feel completely exhausted and will fall asleep as soon as I am done writing. But besides that I feel very calm and very, very happy because no one can ever take that day away from me. It is like playing “Who wants to be a Millionaire”: Once you have reached a certain amount you cannot lose it anymore. I feel like now that I have seen the Scotland I was looking for I cannot lose it anymore and I will be happy with the results of my time in Scotland.

Thank you for following my journey over the past week. I hope that I was able to share some of the excitement I am feeling about living abroad, about living in Scotland. It really is a dream coming true. If you’re a German reader you might want to follow my blog on http://lebeninschottland.blog.de/.

Take care

— Ulrike