Writing is half the fun of travelling

When I was talking to my grandma on the phone a few days ago she said: “How do you do that? Travel the whole country all day and then come home and write about things in such an euphoric way it just makes you want to travel to Scotland immediately?” I told her, for me writing is half the fun of traveling. I really like travelling on my own, keeping eyes and ears wide open and just catching up stories, words and atmosphere. This way you stumble over stories like this one: When I was sitting in the library today a guy came in and enquired about handing in some information. This is quite an unusual enquiry in a library I thought so I was trying to listen to what he was saying. Since his Scottish accent was pretty rough that was rather difficult but then I picked up a sentence. That guy wanted to hand in a sighting report and photographs of the Loch Ness Monster!

He said it was someone he had just met who had seen Nessie and taken pictures of her/ him. But I am pretty sure it was him himself and he just didn’t dare to say he had seen the monster. I froze and stared at him. About a hundred thoughts went crashing through my mind. Has he seen the monster? Is it real? Will there finally be a proof? What would I do if I had seen it? Would I go to the library first? Who would I tell? So I got really excited about it sitting at my table and pretending to work. The librarian was nothing like that. He seemed rather bored and as if he was trying not to insult the guy. So he just asked for the guy’s number so someone could call him on Monday and ask about the details. This made me laugh. Just imagine someone came to you and told you he had seen an Alien and that there was a proof they existed. Would you ask for the guy’s number, send him home and have someone call him on Monday? And imagine that guy is right and he has actually seen Nessie. He will be famous for ever and ever proving the monster is real. But will the librarian be famous? No, because he has someone else calling the guy on Monday, because he was just “covering shifts”. This could have been the road leading to his five minutes of fame but he chose another one. It’s a shame. And right now I feel like a terrible journalist. I should have said: “No, don’t move! Tell me everything, take me there, let me take pictures, let’s call the Sun/ BILD.” But I didn’t do anything like that, just watched him leave and made an excited post on facebook. That could have been my road to fame…

Instead I just put this little story in my bag filled with little episodes like this one and keep it safe forever. I am hoping to watch this collection grow and grow within the next few months. I just found out today that the Olympic Fire will get to Inverness on 9th and 10th of June for example. I will be here when this happens and it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic Fire. Not quite as unique as seeing Nessie but probably something to talk and write about anyway.