Bless the internet

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the internet. This may sound weird at first but it is the truth. I started thinking about it because first of all I met a guy a few days ago who told me that he hardly used the internet and didn’t even know what to use it for, and second of all because my computer broke for the second time in two weeks. It seems to be one of the challenges that life puts you through but it makes me feel so lost. Of course being an online journalist I need my computer for almost everything. I cannot get a single thing done for work without it. So I treat it like my biggest treasure and don’t mind paying almost 200 Pounds to have it fixed twice (well, I do mind but what can I do?). But it made me think about how I use the internet for everything.

To be honest I wouldn’t have considered living abroad if it wasn’t for the internet. Skype and Facebook and emails and everything help me to make it through days when I feel alone and miss home. But let me start in the beginning. If  there was no internet I wouldn’t be working in a job that allows me to live anywhere really. When I realised I can go anywhere I used google maps to find out where I wanted to move and how to get there. I did research on prices and ferries and anything. Then I was looking for a room online on gumtree, spareroom and easyroommate where I found both of my rooms in Exeter and Inverness. When I drove all the way from Berlin to Inverness I wasn’t alone because I had two girls travelling with me. And where did I find them? Online on the German lift share website In Exeter I found my friends online using Facebook and I discovered the great world of couchsurfing which is where I met Varun who set up this blog project here. Living in Inverness I found my friends – guess! – on couchsurfing.

Being part of the local couchsurfing community in Inverness is amazing and it proves that the internet can help to connect people all over the world and help them living their dream. This is a phrase I have heard a lot within the community: living your dream. And the internet definitely helped me living my dream and it still does: I can live abroad and still get my work done, I can stay in touch with the people I love at home and find new friends from all over the world. So you must admit: For many reasons the internet is amazing. And although I think that guy who doesn’t use the internet and doesn’t even have a computer, has got a point and surely knows how to handle things without google & co (which I think I amazing), I can’t imagine me living my dream without it. So I raise my glass to the internet.

— Ulrike