Living abroad

There is something strange about living abroad. While every day is new and exciting when you’re going on holiday or travelling around, things get different after a while when you’re actually living somewhere abroad. I think it’s just human that we settle in after a while no matter how beautiful and strange and undiscovered the surroundings are. If you have work to do it’s almost impossible to not get to a routine sooner or later. Being a very well organised person myself I find that routine rather sooner than later. So I don’t get around coping with the feeling on missing out on something. While I sit in the library, staring out the window at the clear blue sky the weather forecast didn’t mention a word about and watching the two backpackers looking at the maps to check where they will be going next, I can’t help but feeling I am doing something wrong.

my bedroom windowOf course I could blame it on the Scottish weather. Trust me, I could write a whole blog post about the weather. I am not going to do it though. I’ll just leave it by quoting the people from the western islands who say you can have all four seasons in one day. And that is not a lyrical expression – it is a matter of fact! So every day when I get up I have a look at the weather forecast watching out for the next chance to just sneak out my daily routine, take my car and drive somewhere nice. When I came back from Exeter it was impossible for me not to feel bad wasting a sunny day by sitting at home. And here we go again: The sun is shining right now and even though it is officially evening time now I feel absolutely restless thinking that I failed appreciating the fact that I live in Scotland today. To be honest I haven’t done a single thing today that I couldn’t have done in Germany being surrounded by the people I love. Not only do I feel like I lost a whole day of my awesome Scotland experience, it also makes me miss my boyfriend, my family and friends. It’s my father’s birthday today and thinking that I am here right now and didn’t appreciate it enough bothers me.

You might want to say: Stop complaining and go on. And you’re right. Since the weather forecast is not too bad for tomorrow and they promise long sunny spells I’ll start looking for a destination for tomorrow’s trip right now. Because that is what I came here for; this is why I love living abroad. And I promise I’ll appreciate it every step on the way tomorrow!