The thirty-sixth writer on the blog is..

The thirty-sixth writer on the blog is Ulrike Köhler . Before we begin, this is what she would like to say about herself

             ………I am currently fulfilling a life-long dream of living in Scotland. It has only been two weeks since I moved up in the far north of Scotland – to Inverness – and started travelling around and writing about it. As a freelance journalist from Berlin I am in the lucky state of choosing when and where to work and I have decided to use that freedom wisely. For me Scotland is like a magical country and I admire its landscape, its people, its culture, its history – so basically everything. My aim as a blogger is to invite you to come with me and get to know life in Scotland beyond stereotypes.

Uli will be writing on the blog from 14th to 20th of May. She has a blog in German here.

A big thank you to Amy for sharing in such detail about her reasons for choosing her profession, about how photography is a healer and all those beautiful photographs on her posts.

Best wishes