The thirty-fifth writer on the blog is..

The thirty-fifth writer on the blog is Amy from A.L.Kohlmann Imagery.

“I’m so excited to pass the baton to Amy of A.L. Kohlmann Imagery. I could have chosen countless amazing Mom Bloggers (or Identity Bloggers?) that I follow and love, but I wanted to change the pace a bit. I went to college with Amy and we met in a sorority, which is bizarre because neither of us are your typical sorority girls. Amy is an artist. She’s a beautiful photographer, a thoughtful woman, and a kind friend. Expect to be wowed by her story. Enjoy!”

                                   -Sara Lind

A few words about what Amy hopes to highlight through her posts this week

     …  I work in the criminal justice field with perpetrators of crimes against children.  I would like to detail how I came to find myself in this position and how photography has helped heal me in the process, as well as how my photography reflects my current emotional state, and my pledge for the future for follow my passion for photography and for my current job.

                                  -Amy (via email)

You can read more about her previous blogging experience and see some beautiful pictures here. She will be making posts on the blog from the 7th to 13th of May,2012.

I would like to thank Sara for beautiful pictures and sharing her thoughts with us on the blog. I specially enjoyed the photos from the industrial site in your second post on the  blog.

Best wishes.