The thirty-fourth writer on the blog is..

The thirty-fourth writer on the blog is Sara Lind

I am thrilled to introduce the Vie Hebdomadaires community to Sara Lind.  I knew Sara in her former life as a corporate attorney, where her dedication and hard work were unanimously praised.  Now, I know her as a mother, writer, photographer, and blogger whose thoughtful and insightful pieces educate me and provoke me, but never condescend to me.  I do not know of a more passionate photographer than Sara. I am stunned by what she can capture and the stories she can tell with pictures.  You are in for a real treat with Sara this week. 

– Christie O.Tate

Sara will post on the blog from 30th April to 6th of May. You can read more about her previous blogging experience here.

There is an exciting announcement that I wanted to share with all of you. Vie Hebdomadaires has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by one of our previous writers on the blog, Ann Stanley. A big thank you to Ann for liking the blog so much and nominating it for the award.

The rules for the Liebster blog Award are

(1) Thank the one who nominated you by linking back;

(2) nominate five blogs  with 200 or fewer followers;

(3) let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites; and

(4) copy and paste the award image on your site.

Some of my favourite blogs and therefore my nominations for the Liebster Blog award are:

1. Haathi timeWritten by Revati, this blog has great posts from her life in Goa and beautiful photographs from the area that she lives in.  I have always had a great time in Goa, and her blog brings back those great memories.

2. ChughAlong : Vivek has some amazingly some beautiful photographs from Goa and his blog is a definite must visit.

3. Thinking out Loud: Michael has strong opinions about right and wrong, a distaste for politicians making life hard for the common man.

4.Aaron Cohen Photography: A photographer with some amazingly beautiful pictures.

5. Zebra Sounds: Judy’s blog is a treasure trove of great blog posts and a community of bloggers who interact often on various projects.

Before I finish this post, I would like to thank Christie for her wonderful posts on the blog . You reminded me of all the trouble I caused my parents when I was a kid 🙂 Good luck and best wishes for your future.