The thirty-third writer on the blog is

The thirty-third writer on the blog is Christie O. Tate

There are two words that describe Christie O. Tate: Spark plug.
And that’s why I chose her as the next writer for Vie Hebdomadaires. Put simply, I wanted a writer who could really shake things up. This blogger extraordinaire brings the daily musings of a former-high-powered-attorney-turned-mommy with unparalleled wit, creativity, humor and truth. As a self-proclaimed “outlaw,” Christie is rewriting the rules of life, one blog post and diaper change at a time. So fasten your seat belts folks, because Outlaw Mama is in the house and she will always have the last word.
                        – Stephanie Saye
Christie will make posts on the blog from 23rd April to 29th of April.
A big thank you to Stephanie for her wonderful posts this past week.  I wish her the best for her book Little-15 and all her future works.