The thirty-second writer on the blog is…

The thirty second writer on the blog is Stephanie Saye

The internet is a great way to find interesting people and network. I started following the next blogger on Vie Hebdomadaires, Stephanie Saye, when she commented on my blog. Her novel, Little Fifteen, sounded interesting. Reviews on Amazon praise it to the skies. It isn’t an easy subject, and Stephanie does not shy away from the uncomfortable reality. I couldn’t put it down. I loved Stephanie’s approach to the topic, writing from the point of view of the young girl. She created a very plausible, if horrifying, scenario. Stephanie continues to post about teachers who groom young girls to become their lovers, but she also tackles other topics and I always enjoy her writing.

                                                        — Ann Stanley

Stephanie will be posting on the blog from 16th – 22nd April. You can read more about her and her blog posts in the past here.

Thank you Ann for your posts and especially for continuing the story segment on the blog. I am really glad that the story has been given a new lease of life, and continued further from its beginnings during Lance‘s time on the blog.  I hope that new writers in future  have a go at continuing the story further and have at least one complete story (written over 8 weeks / 8 writers) before the  52nd writer posts on the blog.

Good luck and best wishes for your health, Ann.