The Silver Lining

Asthma has taken me down paths which I never would have gone without a big and constant push. When I reached the point where I was taking five daily medications and still unable to breathe well, my friends stepped in and told me that I had to do something different. I had to reduce my stress, clean up my environment, eat better, try yoga and tai chi, and look at myself. Really look at me.

As KM Huber writes so beautifully on her blog today about Lupus, a chronic disease is a teacher. Without my disease, I probably would have gone on my merry (or not so very merry way), living a high-stress, type A, life. Sure, that life has its benefits in terms of money and kudos, but I was paying a terrible cost.

You see, I was very unhappy in that high-powered life. And asthma, like many chronic illnesses, gets worse and worse with unhappiness and stress. As soon as I made some big changes, my lungs cleared significantly and I was able to cut two of the medications. Which was great, since I had side effects from them. I went on a healing quest to heal which has completely transformed me and my life and world. As I write elsewhere, I have also been able to straighten my posture. It’s all tied together.

i take drugs

i take drugs (Photo credit: the|G|™)

I have also learned compassion. I have wonderful friends with invisible issues which prevent them from doing the things that I so easily do, such as exercising. I know that they would, if they could. I can listen and hopefully understand when they talk about being denigrated because they look fine. I get that they do more than you could ever imagine to take care of their health, and it is horrible for them when others criticize them for not doing enough or suggest that they see this and that healer when they have already exhausted their money seeing other therapists and doctors. That compassion spills over into my massage practice.

This morning I woke with clear lungs, ready to get outside into a sunny spring day, and I feel blessed.