The Thirty-first writer on the blog is..

The Thirty-first writer on the blog is Ann Stanley.

She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her two Welsh Corgis, Aspen and Cedar, and her partner, Albert. She makes her living teaching flute for the Cascade School of Music and doing massage for Radiant Health Acupuncture and Massage and Center for Life Chiropractic.

Ann started writing Naked Lobster about seven years ago. She also started a nonfiction book, never finished, about fifteen years ago, shortly after resigning from Iowa State University. At Iowa State, she helped found and edit a newspaper called The Drummer,  for which she wrote numerous nonfiction articles, including a tribute to Dr. Seuss upon his death. She published an editorial piece called That Special Teacher Student Bond, in The Story You Came to Tell (2011) (by The Writing Ranch). She also has numerous research publications.

Before becoming a massage therapist, Ann did research in the field of Mathematical Biology for seventeen years, primarily studying the population dynamics of infectious diseases, but also venturing into the world of game theory and Artificial Life.

(… An excerpt from her blog here)

Ann will write on the blog from 9th to 15th of April.

I would like to thank Harold for his post on the indigenous people (TIPNIS) from Bolivia and giving us a glimpse into the struggle between the indigenous people and government policies in Bolivia.