The thirtieth writer on the blog is….

And the thirtieth writer on the blog is Harold Olmos.
A journalist for over four decades, Harold has worked for the Bolivian newspaper Presencia and the Associated Press in La Paz and was the news agency’s bureau chief in Venezuela and Brazil. He lives in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where he continues to write for Bolivian newspapers and lectures at universities. In 2007 he received Bolivia’s National Journalism Prize.  He is the author of ,Allá donde me sepulten nadie se arrodillará, a book about a bloody incident in eastern Bolivia involving an alleged anti-government group that included Croatian-Bolivians and citizens of Ireland, Hungary and Romania.
His blog in Spanish can be found here.
A personal note:  I met Harold in 1980, during one of the ugliest military coups in Bolivia’s history.  He managed to elude the security agents who appeared at the Associated Press office in la Paz and was forced to leave his country.  Bolivia is one of the most mesmerizing places on earth, full of extraordinary stories.
                                                                                      – Mary Helen
Harold will be posting on the blog from 2nd to 8th of April,2012.
Mary Helen, thank you for writing the introduction and for sharing snippets of history from Argentina and Chile. I am very happy that through this process, the stories and fragments of history that people are sharing has thrown light on so many different parts of the globe that one might not have known or looked into. Thank you, to all the writers who have written here so far.
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