Preview of what’s to come

Can I do it?  With ten minutes to go until midnight, can I tear off a quick post like some bloggers do, when my style has always tended to something longer and more polished?

I find that I can’t; I can’t let unguarded words go out with my name attached.  I can tell you this, though: what I have in mind to write tomorrow is tentatively titled “7 Camels”, and treats a subject (admittedly, not really the subject of camels) that has been on my mind since I first moved to the UK.  In fact, it’ll probably take two posts to get it all down. (I have a history of that; my blogs on becoming a citizen, on how the English drink tea, and on the newly created Supreme Court, all ran to several days.)

That means the “7 Camels” post will begin on Wednesday, which in the US is sometimes called the hump day, and therefore appropriate to such beasts.  (For UK readers and others — sorry, I’m used to having mostly US and UK readers — the idea is that once you finish work on Wednesday, you’re “over the hump” and the rest of the working week will be on the downhill side.)

Apologies for failing to meet the one-post-per-day ideal.  The only rule of blogging is “don’t be boring” and I’m not at all sure that this apology is better than nothing in that regard.  So I’ll give you a photo of a camel — that’s not boring, is it?

Used under the Creative Commons license, from Wikipedia