too much fun to write about

Today I had a list: go to meeting, go to meeting, go to meeting; send scholarship application, grade four papers; maybe go out for a quick drink. This has become: go to all three meetings, send scholarship application, grade two papers, and go out for a drink and food with some wonderful people, including my significant other, who rode to Guildford to meet with us. I hate, hate, HATE to run behind my schedule. But more than that, I hate to give up an opportunity to spend time with good friends, enjoying myself, expressing myself, taking in all that is good in life.

It doesn’t happen all that often, so I want to embrace it when it comes.

Therefore, short post! Off to slink onto the train with my bike and pretend I haven’t already eaten enough cake and biscuits to justify the full ride, which I now have zero intention of doing.