Love loop

A little something I wanted to share…I had written this many years ago.

The burnt cigarette stub
Public spaces to drown out
The awkward silences
Meaningless banter
And cursory glances

Why does it always have to boil down to love, she asks
Isn’t platonic enough?
Why the painstaking flirting
The tension hanging in the air
Why the need to loop it to something

Why the need to define it
Love is where the heart is baby
And this ain’t it yet
Follow my heart

She’s a Gemini
One side wanting to roam the world
Free kindred spirits beckon her
Promising far-off lands
And never-before-seen adventures
The other half pines for home and hearth
The bliss of a fairytale

Why complicate it darling, she says
It’s perfect as it is
Frivolous? No, but serious it ain’t
She can’t love him unless she has him to blame

So, all her secrets locked deep within her heart
She goes with the flow
Leaving no loose ends tied
Tomorrow is another day
A whole new world to explore
Love…it can wait.