Crumbs along the way

Amazing, isn’t it? How life is never about the big changes, the course-altering events? It’s always about the little things, seemingly insignificant at the time, but which always hum in the background. Like bits of mosaic. Like the little bits of paper in a collage.

And because we are so into it, because we are inside that little mosaic, we never really see the bigger picture. It would probably need an out-of-body experience to be able to take a step back. See the collage. The mural of life. The larger scheme of things.

Why do we get so involved with our life routines, the little grudges, the trivialities? Maybe because we are social animals. We like exchanging information (a euphemism for gossip), we like feeding our egos believing, the world is actually about us. Or it could simply be because of the fact that it’s nice to feel cushioned and safe in our little cocoon. So much better than believing there is a whole universe out there and we don’t even exist or matter in it. Too real for comfort. Let’s tone things down a bit, shall we?

“It doesn’t matter”. That really needs to be the mantra of life today. That, no matter how bad the day gets or how much you think everyone is out to get you, fact is in the bigger picture, it’s probably just a speck, or a pin drop, or even a blip. That doesn’t make the slightest difference to the larger picture of life.