The twenty-sixth writer on the blog is…

Amrita Radhakrishnan

A professional copywriter who posts about her freelance copy writing experience here.

I believe good writing can really change things – for the better.  Whether it is a fantastic sales copy you see in an advert or just an emotional letter you write to your loved ones, writing does tug at your heartstrings, if the tone is right.

Writing fulfils an innate necessity in me to express myself, to exercise my freedom of expression and above all to earn my bread and butter! Yet, I’m one of those few lucky ones who have been able to make my hobby into my career as well – life couldn’t be better!

(An excerpt from one of her blogs).

She will make posts on the blog from 5th-11th of February, 2012. A big thanks to Nabila for making wonderful, quirky posts and especially the one on Perry Mason, 2013. Best wishes to you Nabila.