See you later, Alligator.

So it’s my last day of guest posting, and in typical Oscar speech style:

Wow…um, this was totally unexpected. When V mailed me asking if could guest-post, i was in two minds but then decided ah what the heck i got nothing better to do anyway. I’m glad i accepted. Thanks V for thinking me to be good enough to contribute here.

Thanks to MS for inspiring me to start a WordPress blog. (Yes, i will be starting one soon. Just as soon as the seed of the idea i have germinates.)

Special thanks to all the people who took the time to read what i wrote and see what i posted… excuse me a moment, i’m getting a little weepy here… I loved the comments people left the most. (I’m egoistic that way.)

Yes, well, i’d also like to thank God, my parents, the blogging community, the angel who recommended my name to V as a guest blogger (trying to stop myself from crying), the squirrel outside my window, Erle Stanley Gardner, the tube light for giving up on me when i really needed it to not flicker and die away, my balcony full of flowers… This opportunity has given me the ability to break out of my shell and do things for the first time – like share a short story i wrote on a public forum with more than a billion eyes…

(Giving into crying) Ohmigodi’msooverwhelmedthankseverybodyihadagreattimeandsomuchfunnn!


Yeah, okay, now that the Oscar spiel is done, i’ll see you folks around. Happy blogging, happy reading and happy times to you. 🙂