“Hello! Who’s calling please?” “This is Summer speaking.”

Do you believe the world’s going to end this year? The way March is turning out to be, it may as well. It’s like Bangalore is a giant cauldron bubbling over a raging fire – that’s how hot it is. The days are unbearable and the nights uncomfortably warm, so much so that even the AC needs an AC to keep it cool.

But then, the good thing about it is the blooms everywhere. Skyscraper trees are bursting with purple and yellow and pink flowers, little potted plants are blushing a palette of colours and the insects are kept busy with tons of pollen to carry around. And in the midst of the sweltering heat, i’ve found a sweet spot: our first-floor balcony.

It’s where i spend “me” time after a chaotic day and it happens to be my favourite place for reading in the evenings, other than sprawling on the bed, in the position of a person fallen from the fifth floor of a building, with a book in hand. More often than not, though, i just sit and watch people walk by on the road in front of our house – old men and women trudging along, sometimes together and in conversation; parents who are breathless in trying to keep up with their running-skidding-jumping kids; teenagers shyly participating in clandestine meetings to see if there are chances of love; and vendors exercising their lungs with screams of “Onions! Garlic! Greens!” In Summer, the blooms only make the whole experience better, with a whiff of their fragrance carried with the breeze now and then.

I’m hoping that they’ll do the same this time too. So while i go ahead and enjoy their company and try not to bathe in my own sweat, here’s hoping that your summer days be filled with many moments of “me” time and joy. Oh, and zero perspiration!