Meet my early morning visitor.

Meet my early morning visitor.

I don’t know what it is about our home that attracts birds, bees and furry animals towards it. My room has four large windows offering a view of a half-bare wild tree (and the bedroom of the neighbours across the road, but we won’t talk about that) that almost always has a couple of pigeons or crows practicing their nipping and beak-sharpening skills.

Another regular visitor’s been added to the list recently: a highly acrobatic squirrel. It hangs upside down from the branch just outside my window, keeps hopping from one leafy incline to another and is generally so hyperactive that it balances out my slowness in the mornings. For days now, i’ve been trying to get myself out of bed and shoot him with my *ahem* new telephoto, but it’s just too fast for me.

Today, i managed to switch lenses just in time and shot this. Don’t go by the deceptively still pose of this itsy bitsy titterer. It’s a handful, i can assure you. Hopefully, tomorrow i should be able to catch it in action. If i do, i’ll post the picture here.

Camera: Nikon D3000. Lens: 70-300 mm.