Have you ever bunked work?

If there’s something that hasn’t possibly changed from the time we were in school (or college), it’s the vicarious pleasure one gets out of bunking and doing something else (or nothing). I’ve bunked quite a few times in my professional life; every time i do it, i feel like an eight-year old with eyes that gleam with a well-kept, naughty secret.

The excuses are many and some of the stories that friends from work come up with are hilarious – a couple of months back, a friend didn’t come to work because all his formals were sent to the laundry and hadn’t come back yet. Years ago, a friend didn’t turn up at work because all the autowallahs from near her home refused to come to the location of the office.

Yes, these things have happened.

Bunking’s like an excuse to do something new. Here are instances from my life:

1. Way back in 2004-05, my fledgling years in advertising, power cuts were more frequent and backup lasted only a couple of hours. Which meant that once the generator was out and power wasn’t back, we were stranded. PCs couldn’t be turned on, ACs were useless chunks of metal, nothing functioned. The first time it happened, somebody came up with a brilliant plan: “Let’s go watch a movie!” We’d search the newspapers to see what was playing in the theatres around our workplace (there were lots) and go for it. The creative department would be empty in three minutes flat. Soon, this became a tradition. Every time there was a power cut, we would find out how long the power would be gone for, and then make a dash out of office. If movies weren’t an option, there was always pubbing.

2. Around the same time, two very close friends had been working on a campaign for over a year without any luck. The stars aligned one fine day and my friends came back with from their client meeting with big, smiling faces, screaming that the campaign was approved. Of course nobody was in the mood to work, so it was decided that the approval deserved a beer lunch. The lunch lasted four hours. A few of us stayed and continued drinking while some others came back to work only to go to the 4X4 sq.ft. library and sleep. On the floor. (I did neither, just in case you’re wondering. I was busy doing nothing.)

3. I’ve feigned illness and taken off to go watch a movie that was on its way out of the theatres.

4. Sometimes i’ve even taken an off to just sit at home and watch TV. Yeah, i feel starved like that.

5. My supposed Doctor’s appointment has been a neverending evening with a guy i like.

6. A girls’ day out. Happened a lot of times over the last two years, when i used to pretend to be sick and my friend accompanied me for moral support, and we’d run far away from work, go to a semi-cheap place and sip on Strawberry Daiquiris. Happiness.

7. I’ve bunked work on a whim for a massage or a long drive.

Is there anybody out there who bunks and does mad things as well? Show yourself, and we could possibly start a Bunker’s Club! And we’ll use bunker beds instead of chairs for our meetings! (Sorry, puns always win over my better sense.)