The Shadow.

The Shadow.

I’m not a people person when it comes to photography. Give me flora any day, and i’ll be more than happy to do some stunning stuff.

There are times, though, when my camera and i share moments of madness. So i will stand on tiptoe to leverage my 5.2 foot-height, stretch my arm enough to pull a muscle and click some random shoots springing on a tree; or i’ll lie down in the middle of the ground to take an eye-level shot of a piddly flower. There are times when i randomly focus the camera and get a shot that i really like. This one has been one of my most favourite and also my scariest.

I shot this in the early morning hours at a resort in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and was spooked by my own shadow. Imagine the scene – not unlike a Hollywood horror with a touch of M. Night Shyamalan – where the protagonist of the story is seated on a bench in the early morning sun, looking out into the distance. Three seconds later, he gets up and walks away. As the camera zooms in on the exit of the protagonist, we see his shadow continuing to sit on the bench…

The picture is exactly the way i shot it, because i’m not a big fan of tampering with them on Photoshop etc.

Camera: Nikon D40.