The twenty-fifth writer on the blog is.. (2nd edit :D)

The Nebulous one aka Nabila Tazyeen

An Avid Blogger (definitely) who like a few other previous writers i was in the advertising industry as a professional copywriter. She runs 5 4 different blogs on Blogger while the closet closet friends is just something she is part of.

An extract from her photoblog 

I’m a copywriter by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby. I shoot with a Nikon D3000 and a basic 18-55 mm lens. And when that’s not handy, with my Sony Ericsson J10i2 phone. This is the repository of my captures. Some day, i wish the world to see them. 

A bit more about her in her own words

I’ve spent my entire professional life being a copywriter, so words are my bread and butter. I’m as tactless as an ass, can beat a sailor in a healthy game of cussing, a bookworm, and the sort of girlfriend Jughead Jones would aspire to have. When I’m not in my very comfortable 9-5 job (I’m not in advertising any more), I’m messing around with beads and metal wire and paper and discarded bottles and fabrics and pencils. If I had an opportunity to, I would own a dinosaur as a pet.

        I am sure a lot of the readers will now have a chance to look at Nabila’s shots of beautiful plants and flowers. She will make posts on the blog from 27th of February to 4th of March.

A big thanks to Rajani for making her posts on the blog. I wish her the best for all her future blogging adventures.