The new descriptive for me- A Shutterbug :)


A Shutterbug – an enthusiastic amateur photographer… Amateur automatically gives us the right to be overenthusiastic and excited, because if we don’t fit the 2 adjectives mentioned before, we cannot be good learning… I am a good learner, so I am overenthusiastic and excited about every click of mine
I always have the person who loved to click pictures, but the proper photography bug bit in about a year back, when I was home for my sister’s wedding. I was so unhappy by the pictures that the photographer had clicked at the wedding; I felt that my pictures were far better than his ;).. seriously they were. This led me to pursue my interest passionately using my Fujifilm Point and shoot. But the experience wasn’t that great, it was very subtle and it gradually began to fade amongst the daily hustle-bustle.
Then came the time when I had to put a “Full-Stop” to the nurturing interest, as I very stupidly dropped my camera, shattering its LCD display and rendering it useless :(. Thinking of it now, I am actually happy that happened. My brother and sister-in-law gave me the best present for my birthday last year – My FujiFilm FinePix S4000.
It has been about 7 months now and is the best companion to carry around. I wouldn’t say my clicks are the best, but I know it is ‘Work in Progress’ I must agree it is going to take me long before I get to clicking pictures like the professional do, for example Vivek Chugh’s pictures. But I am sure of one thing, I will get there. All that matters to me at this stage is I can proudly use my own pictures whether it is in my blogs, my social media profiles or anywhere to convey my essence of the moment.
I hate it when I see posts that make fun of amateur photographers (we have a lot going around these days, or maybe it is just that I am noticing them these days :P) and I feel like asking them to keep their opinion to themselves. But then I realise, just the way I have freedom to share what I enjoy, they also have the freedom. And If let that stop me from doing what I enjoy, they achieve what they intent to. So, to all those who enjoy being a photographer; Amateur or professional – way to go!! And to all you who make fun of the amateurs – I still love being a shutterbug!!!!