Does GOD have a WIKI page???

My punch line in today’s world – When in Doubt GOOGLE IT!!!! And indeed it is the best place to find answers to most our questions. Even Wikipedia seems to be a good source of information. People spend more time on Google or WIKI pages, than they do in the Library these days. This is in response to the growth in technology
But what do I do when I need answers that none of us would know. What when there are doubts that are beyond human understand?
At my work place, there is a WIKI page for each department that will have the brief description of procedures and tools that we use to make our work simpler. It is a boon especially for the newbies. Does God have a WIKI page like that, a page that explains His mode of action, His plans? If He has a page like that, life would be crystal clear, nothing to look forward to, no mystery. I was the person who felt mystery and challenges make life colourful and thrilling. But now I am asking for a Wiki page by God. Why this contrast? Is it that I am tired of finding answers or is it an overdose of challenges?
I wish miracle happens right now, GOD appears and says – “Rajani – Will you please stop wasting your time on these stupid thoughts and get to doing something worthwhile with your mind” 😉 😀