Change – The Cause of Uncertainty or is it the way around???

Signs of Spring

I have always been amazed by how quick the visual change of seasons occurs. It is summer to Fall in just a night, or even Fall to winter overnight. It just takes one night for winter to say “Bye” and spring to say “Hi”. Not just the seasons, the change in most of the things around us, whether it is technology or fashion or for the matter anything, is very quick and instantaneous. This instant nature of ‘Change’ is what makes it so beautiful.

The same nature of ‘Change’, in things around us, that enhances its beauty, is a not that enjoyable when it comes to our lives. We have many excuses not to allow change to be instant in our lives. The most common of it being –“I am a human being… It takes time to change, can’t happen all of a sudden”. I am not trying to say, we don’t accept changes in life. All of us accept change, but we procrastinate.

Even I was a part of the same clan… I remember having used that excuse every time I had to allow changes to happen in my life. But irrespective of whether we accept it or not, change eventually happens. We might argue that changes in the surrounding eventually happen, but not changes in people. But the very fact that we have thought of change in our personality, is the proof that change is waiting to happen. Once things have changed, we get accustomed to it and actually enjoy that state. And the entire process of fretting over change is repeated when the signs of next change are revealed. So, what is it that we are really upset about?

I have noticed that challenges make us uncomfortable because they bring in a lot of uncertainty with them. And I hate uncertainty, so do many others. What I also realised that the end result of most challenges is change, it may be change is situation, relationship or even oneself. Many might agree with what I just said. So, is it the uncertainty that is actually making us upset and not change?
I am not sure what it actually is and am desperate to find an answer… the answer is going to help me reduce that bit of worry and bitterness in my life.

Anyone out there who can tell me what the actual reason for distress is??? Change or the uncertainty it brings along???