Bitten by the food bug

My first experience shooting food/cooking was when my wife decided to bake brownies. I wanted to be a part of it, and thought documenting the process would be a good way to. Also, my wife didn’t cook too much back then, so it really was a good way to remember the event!

I still hold her Oreo fudge brownies to be the best I have ever had to date 🙂 and thoroughly enjoyed this experience. In fact it led me to start this blog, as a way to encourage my wife to cook and give me reason to shoot food.

Since that first home shoot, I realised that food looked best up close, with great depth to bring out the features in focus. So I invested in a 50mm lens to get the most of this. Some months ago I moved over to a 35mm fixed focal length, which is a dream to work with when it comes to food. What started in my wife’s kitchen back then, many months later turned into doing a semi-pro shoot for a small coffee show in Bangalore. Here are a few of the mouth watering desserts I shot for them.

That was a long time ago. The wife has since then moved on to becoming a pretty decent cook, and she took to food blogging with a vengeance, giving me regular reasons to get in to the kitchen too.