Wide angle joy

One of the first things I felt after I moved to Goa was the dire need for a wide angle lens. It’s the place, I tell you. The open expanses of paddy fields, the long and winding village roads, the long and outstretched beaches, the tall-as-hell churches. So before long, I decided to put all other needs aside, to scrounge up enough dough to get me one.

This is the Panjim Church that stands tall overlooking the main town square in Panjim. Having lived in Panjim, we only got around to actually visiting this church after a good one year or so. Breathtaking.

Capela de Monte stands atop a little hillock in Old Goa. Majestically tall, it overlooks the river and the villages strewn below. It is isolated, slightly deserted and gorgeous at sunset. A must visit, for anyone looking to see a quiet, not-so-crowded side of Goa.

This picture was shot at Miramar. I wanted to explore a slower shutter-speed, to catch the evening light and the bustle of activity that is usually Miramar.

Like I said, some of the sights I have come across just demand the use of a super wide lens. And I haven’t regretted this purchase to date.